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code behind hello world is broken


Instantiating a focusable, enabled, not read only, tab stop AutoCompleteTextBox from the nuget ( results in a control which does not accept typed text when selected even though a regular WPF TextBox works fine with as identical as possible code---the only change being new AutoCompleteTextBox() instead of new TextBox(). This change also breaks tab ordering, with box not accessible from tabbing and the tab loop reducing to just the loop before the AutoCompleteTextBox.

Something I noticed looking in the debugger is AutoCompleteTextBox.Editor remains null even after the window's Loaded event fires. Explicitly calling AutoCompleteTextBox.ApplyTemplate() populates the editor part but the control remains unable to accept text. The AutoCompleteTextBox.TextInput event does fire, however.

.NET 4.0 project picking up the .NET 3.5 nuget. Same issue occurs consuming the .NET 4.0 build of from CodePlex directly.